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2016-05-25 19:21:53 by Regal

It's been a long time, hasn't it? Man, I've matured. More depressed and jaded. Such is life.

Yees!, I am back, after being frozen in a huge bock in ice for almost a year, i'm back to fuck bitches and get some pussy, the reason I've been away....Laziness, i've been playing alot of TF2 for sometime and other stupid bullshit and stuff, but that's not important I'M BAAAAACK!!

Hi You Guys...

2014-09-17 20:28:58 by Regal

its been a FUCK long time since I have been on ng the reasons why;

1:my laptop broke so got a new one

2:I got my appendixremoved so I'min the hospital right now.

aaaaand that's pretty much it I will get out of the hospital this friday I got my Steam up and running so send me a pal request and I will probably accept

wish me good health



2014-07-24 20:17:17 by Regal

theres no more room in hell! i'm back my laptop was or should I say IS Kaput so i'm using my mate's laptop so yeaaa... expect a little more of me...

AAAAAAAAAnd back to Hellbest..

2014-07-01 12:34:42 by Regal

i'm back to my old self and heres some Yiff you bastards...


I'm Pyro now..

2014-06-28 08:55:17 by Regal

For now I will be pyro I may change back to regular old Hellbeast but for now pyro.


I'm Back..

2014-06-24 12:36:14 by Regal

Yes. I'm back, my laptop was "Kaput" for a while and it took a while to repair, but hey i'm glad i'm back, Also my head is all better too, all that is left is a small scar, but my hair hides it, so yea i'm back4923756_140362776533_tumblr_mdjlzxOs7D1r1e0511.gif

What gender am I?

2014-06-10 17:36:33 by Regal

I wonder what my pals think my sexual gender is...humm...  


My nasty boo boo updates.

2014-06-09 14:43:42 by Regal

the wound is closing up (finaly.) been re-aplying aloe on it and liquid bandages and i'm feeling much betterso to my pallies don't worry its going to leave a nasty scar, but hey! Dudes/Chick dig scars...right?...4923756_140233941192_napoleon-dynamite-yes.gif


2014-06-09 08:07:02 by Regal

Yes. after my nasty head boo boo I managed to fix that shit up myself using Butterfly bandages and Skin glue (liquid Bandages) and avoided stitches and going to the hospital so yea.